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From the Director

Thank you so much for supporting, Dying Laughing! This short film has been a labor of love that began from a personal experience. Over 20 people, many of them strangers, rallied together to support my vision in December 2022 to bring this story to life. And how did we get there? More than 200 people on social media helped us to raise $13,000.


I made a lot of sacrifices, financial and professional, to direct my short film, and I wouldn't change a thing about this journey. I'm a former news producer turned comedy writer. After producing morning news for three years in Charlotte, N.C., I took a leap of faith to build a filmmaking career.  I am a 2023 Project Involve writing fellow at Film Independent and currently developing my first feature. BET recently premiered Gaps, a coming-of-age short film I produced presented by Queen Latifah’s Queen Collective in partnership with Tribeca Studios and P&G on BET. Before that, I participated in the second cohort of Diverse Representation’s Black Entertainment Executive Pipeline program. My screenplay, Body Count, is an Academy Nicholl screenwriting quarterfinalist. I've also produced a few historical and social justice documentaries for VICE, Prime Video, BET, and PBS. My credits include the Emmy and Peabody-nominated documentary film Downing of a Flag.


And now, I'm starting a new journey as a writer-director. Thank you to every single person that is helping me along the way. Dying Laughing is just the beginning! 


The Dying Laughing Crew


Tyler Young                        as Dru

Karan Kendrick                  as Brittany

Arischa Conner                  as Linda

Jizzy Wallace                     as Stevie

John Menchion                  as Fred

Mae Woods                       as Melissa

Chloe Simms                     as Young Dru

Danyla Simms                   as Young Stevie

Ned Garnier                       as Young Fred

Brian Duckson                   as Maurice

Nathaniel Hall                    as Terry

Paul Shearman                  as Agent Mullinax

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